APAVTS School Cancellation/Virtual/Two Hour Delay Protocol



Cancellation / Virtual / Two Hour Delay Protocol

Once 5 out of the 8 schools decide to cancel or delay, APAVTS will follow that decision.

This means that your students will continue to receive some mode of instruction depending on your school’s individual current model of learning.


Admiral Peary will run under the following protocol:


  1. When APAVTS School is cancelled or Virtual - APAVTS will provide the Full Virtual Learning Model on days of cancellation of school.

This means:

AM session will have a virtual zoom lesson at 10:00 A.M. and Google Classroom assignments

PM session will have a virtual zoom lesson at 12:00 Noon and Google Classroom assignments


  1. For schools that are Hybrid and Cancel- Virtual Lessons apply. 

If APAVTS is also cancelled or Virtual follow above schedule. 

If APAVTS is not cancelled then follow the regular scheduled zoom lesson times.


  1. When APAVTS School is on a Two-Hour Delay

APAVTS will follow this schedule:

(AM) zoom starting at 10:00 AM for those students on hybrid or virtual. All other students will have regular face to face class following the delay.

(PM) students are on the regular schedule and their normal Zoom schedule for hybrid or virtual.


  1. Early Dismissal—If an early dismissal affects the (PM) Zoom session, the (PM) session will be cancelled and communicated with the sending schools. All sending schools should communicate their early dismissal times with APAVTS.


APAVTS’ Google Classroom lessons and assignments are updated every Wednesday. Students are responsible for the completion of all assignments regardless of the model learning during a Cancellation/Delay format.



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